Minimalism and the effects thereof.

Thanks to my effort to whittle down on my extraneous possessions, I’m well on my way to be able to carry nearly everything I own on a bike.

This is presenting an unique perspective for me that I haven’t truly explored in the past. I’ve glimpsed it some before but I’m now at a point where I just cannot find a small enough place. The smallest apartment I can find in Great Falls, MT so far is a 450 sq ft studio for $375. I’ve seen another listing for as low as $230 but there was no indication of its size other than being a 1 bedroom apartment (I’m currently checking into this lead). I’m hoping for a sub-300 sqft apt.

What I am trying to say is this, space is truly an uneccessary luxury for me. I’m currently really only using one room in a shared apartment. I’ve mainly left the living room and most of the kitchen to my roommates. Even then, the space is a little too big. I still have to sell off some of the extra possessions so that’s the ONLY reason I even have anything in the closet itself.

It’s a challenge to minimize everything. One of the major points for me doing this is so I can stop obsessing about my possessions (have a one track mind with a lot of things at times and that includes my possessions). Now that I’m fairly close to done with the reduction (but not the sale of the unwanted items), I seems to be unable to focus on actually finish it up. I’m now obsessing with what I could do to make the process easier like purchasing replacement items (like the Vivobarefoot’s shoe to replace all of my shoes with one).

Sigh… Trying to refocus on simplifying everything without needing $$$. I have most things that I need. I’m pretty satisfied with most everything left. I have to be careful to not obsess over getting to the extreme of minimalism.

There are a few things that I’m willing to go to the ‘extreme’ of, such as the fact that I’m now sleeping directly on the floor (no mat at all. Still sleeping better than ever though!).

Despite the struggles, my sense of stress with specific area of life are so much better that I’m happier overall despite the troubles in my life. I’m feeling more at ease with myself than I have in a long time. My finances are becoming clearer and easier to manage. I am much more confident in my ability to withstand any troubles down the road.


I guess that what I am trying to say is this…

Everybody have their own way of living their life and I’m slowly discovering mine.

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