I’m going through quite a change in my life. I’m currently separated from my wife (trying to get the divorce done peacefully). I’m shifting largely toward a highly mobile and minimal lifestyle. I’m heading to the outdoor far more than I have in years. I’m seriously pushing toward minimalism. I’m trying an entirely new diet with Joylent. etc…

To give you a little more context about me. I’m a deaf guy. I’ve grown up in a military family so I’ve moved around quite a bit growing up. I went to college three times and graduated from the third one with a double BA in Photography and Digital Media. Despite that, I still do not have that much confidence in my work. I also used to be a big gamer. Had a custom PC and everything.

But with my focus on overhauling my life, I had to stop worrying about photography, gaming, etc. So I’m currently trying to sell my Custom PC, sold my DSLR kit, organizing all of my documentations, and more. I’m pretty much done with getting rid of everything that I don’t need in term of possessions (beside the PC and related accessories).

I’m also trying to get back into exercising so I’m using my work’s gym for that. And friends for peer pressure to keep going.

There’s just a lot going on right now so I’m trying to keep track of a number of things at all time. Hopefully posting to this blog won’t be too much of an issue. Especially with my current interest in finding a new hobby.

Thank you for visiting my site!