I’m definitely not a blogger…


I’ve been feeling bad about my many attempts to blog over the year. I’ve made this current blog specifically so family and friends can track my Appalachian Trail hike this summer. However, I’ve decided to mostly withdraw from most of my online media so I’ve decided to make it easier for me and others. I do still use a number of social media and other sites, simply not as much as I used to do on Reddit and Facebook.

So I’ve recently set up a lot of connections between the various online stuff I do. Now this website is not a blog anymore but a collection point for any of my public online activities. I expect to be using Instagram and Flickr on the trail, now you can see all of those photos on the site. I’m connecting my YouTube in case I want to upload longer videos. I also expect to be using Twitter more often since I don’t need much of a signal for that compared to most other online stuff. So I’ve embedded a twitter widget in the sidebar of the site. Twitter is also where I will be posting my most current status and whatnot. I’ve set up some IFTTT services to auto post some of my contents to other sites (like my Facebook Page).

Basically, all of my contents should be showing up on multiple fronts now and make it far easier for people to see how I am doing. Do comment and interact with my posts, I’ll respond to those.

TL:DR; stopping trying to blog. Just set up all of my public online activities to show up on this site and then share the activities to certain other sites.

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