Hello, visitors. Welcome to my online home. My name is Jeffery Stroud.

I’m Deaf. I can speak rather well but needs a strong hearing aid to hear anything. Currently I’m getting my ear checked out at a doctor in a month or so due to chronic issues with it. Hopefully I can get a hearing aid soonish since I’ll finally hear music and a few other thing. I’m extremely pro choice when it comes to language. I’m for ASL as much as possible. I do end up using my voice a lot and that’s due to how I was raised. So I may struggle with using proper ASL around Deaf people at times.

I’m vegan. I know that there are many people who roll eyes at it or mock veganism. I don’t care about all that. I will be discussing some of veganism on this site. I do respect boundaries so I won’t be going over to your facebook wall and preaches about it. Though I’m always up for a reasonable discussion on the topic! I’ve basically started out vegetarian and looked into seeing how to be more environmentally friendly, particularly after realizing how uncomfortable the idea of me personally hunting was. I stumbled into a lot of research and details that pointed a lot of damages being caused by animal agriculture so that pushed me to at least trying to go completely vegan. It ended up being a success and now I’m vegan for multitude of reasons such as health, animal ethic, and environments.

A big part of why I seem to be changing so much stuff over the past few years was because I had to deal with a separation and eventually a divorce. Now I’m free enough to pursue my dreams without her dragging me down. This prompted me to try for the Appalachian Trail this summer of 2018. I ended up finding a new job that pays much better near Philadelphia, PA. So yeah, new job, new location, even a new girlfriend!

I’m huge on the outdoor. As mentioned in the vegan part, I’m pretty big on the outdoor. Whether that mean conservations, activities, or just simply taking photographs. I’m currently working on getting in better health (goal weight is around 180 lbs, currently 210 lbs) so I can be more capable of pursuing a number of my bucket list which are almost exclusively outdoor based. For example, I want to hike multiple long trails around America which would total up to over 10,000 miles. I also want to walk from coast to coast along the America Discovery Trail. I also want to bike coast to coast.

I’m a bit of a tech geek. I love technology. In fact, I originally went to college for Computer Science. I ended up dropping out and going to a different college for a double B.A. in Photography and in Digital Media, both of which are still technology heavy. I am also currently learning how to program in Apple’s programming language, SWIFT, so I can hopefully make various accessibility apps that are not obnoxiously expensive and yet still very adaptable (just look up accessibility apps on the App Store, they are either crazy expensive for no good reason or if not, they are extremely limited). It is my hope to eventually develop enough of a side income from photography and app development in the future that I could fall back on it as a main income should I ever be out of a job, or just to use it to massively speed up paying off all of my debts and build up my savings.

Thank you for visiting and welcome!