How to Support


First thing first, this is NOT a donation request. This is just for my family and friends who insist on helping me out.

I mainly have everything already set up for the hike. The only thing in question is how to arrange for mail drops for my foods and the actual foods itself.

Currently, one of my parent will be helping me with the maildrops to ensure that I get some of my food supplies at the right point of the route on the right time.

If you want to see if there are any items you could purchase for me, check out my amazon wish list for this purpose. Likely the list will be empty most of the hike. I will only put up items that I’m needing (and likely will order to my support person to mail to me anyway) and cannot obtain right away.

In case you want to send me money to help with the hike, please use this Square Cash payment service since that’ll go straight to my phone and I can always transfer the balance to my bank account itself if I cannot use my Square Cash card for whatever reason.

Again, this is NOT a donation page. I will not ask for donations anywhere on the site or outside. This is only for me to coordinate with friends and family so I can have a way to pay them to send me stuff and for me to ask for help in a pinch (I’ll pay back asap).